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Gaming POS
Wolf Track's Video Game Store Point of Sale Software is the leading POS Software for the video game industry and costs less than a cup of coffee a day.
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Liquor POS
Our Liquor POS Software offers everything the liquor store owner needs to improve profitability and track inventory starting at only $30.00 per month.
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Retail POS
Wolf Track Retail Point of Sale Software will help your retail store track inventory, track multiple taxes and easily check out customers. All for just $30.00 per month.
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Liquor Store Point of Sale Software
Wolf Track Liquor POS Software - Liquor Product Box Wolf Track's extensive experience supporting liquor stores positions us as the industry experts in POS software for your business. Our software includes tools to help you increase your sales and boost your store's profitability.

Automatically set prices based upon a specific markup or margin rate. Provide discounts based upon ticket value, line item, and for special customers.

Wolf Track Liquor Store POS also helps to protect you and your employees from selling liquor to underage customers by reminding employees to check for valid ID's. As the manager, you can verify which employee entered the sales transaction, what was sold, what they put in as the age of the customer. You can also see whether an ID was checked based upon the receipt.

Additional features include:
Wolf Track handles multiple taxes on all your store’s products. Set-up tax percentages once for your locale, and when clerks ring up the sales, all the appropriate taxes are calculated for you automatically.

Use different General Ledger codes to generate a variety of reports to track the amounts and types of tax collected for a given time period. Say goodbye to manual tax calculation and reporting.

Handle case breakage quickly and easily. all sorts of options to fit your liquor’s store individual needs, you’ll be managing your inventory better than ever before. Breaking down larger packs into individual items enables you to mark-up prices and generate significantly higher profitability.

When purchasing Wolf Track Liquor POS Software, we recommend including options our back-up services. Now you can back-up data manually or automatically all at the touch of a button to keep your sales transactions safe and secure. Click the buttons below to download your free 15-day trial or to purchase your software today!

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What's New

Show Legal DOB

Liquor stores need to be able to quickly check out customers. Wolf Track Software allows them to quickly know what the date of birth is for 21 and/or 18. The date is listed right on the checkout screen.

Date of Birth is not only for our liquor store customers. Our video game store are able to take advantage of the feature for easily checking ages for ESRB ratings.

"I have been using Wolf Track Point of Sale Software for years and love it. It is quick, easy to use and simple to learn."
Elizabeth M. - Hattiesburg, MS

"Wolf Tracks online connections saves me from having to pay somebody to enter in hours of inventory."
Mike P. - Tulsa, OK

Available Hardware
Hardware - Software Package
Get Our Hardware Package
Wolf Track Software is now offering a Hardware/Software Package. Our hardware package includes a computer, cash drawer, scanner, credit card swipe, customer display and even a touch screen monitor.
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